Alfred Hitchcock

The master of suspense. A master of comedy. The ultimate terrorist of film.

Here’s a fun quote by Hitchcock: “There is a dreadful story that I hate actors. Imagine anyone hating James Stewart ... I can't imagine how such a rumor began. Of course it may possibly be because I was once quoted as saying that actors are cattle. My actor friends know I would never be capable of such a thoughtless, rude and unfeeling remark, that I would never call them cattle . . . What I probably said was that actors should be treated like cattle.”


Alfred Hitchcock Presents

All four seasons of the classic TV show. A good way to introduce yourself to his style.


The Birds 

Melanie Daniels is a beautiful blonde who arrives in Bodega Bay in pursuit of the handsome and eligible Mitch Brenner. But love is not the only thing in the air when thousands of birds descend upon the town, attacking and terrorizing its residents.



A young woman kills an artist who attempts to rape her. Her Scotland Yard detective boyfriend soon learns the killer's identity, but so has someone else.


Dial M for Murder

A man comes up with the perfect plan to murder his wife. Learns that perfection is hard to achieve.


Easy Virtue

After divorcing an abusive husband, an innocent woman makes a valiant effort at beginning her life anew, but she cannot escape the incidents surrounding her past.


Family Plot

A phony psychic and a private eye search for a lost heir, getting mixed up in a diamond theft at the same time.


The Farmer’s Wife

A middle-aged widower sets out to choose a wife from the unattached women in the neighborhood. He and his housekeeper make a list of eligible females, whom he then pursues with interesting consequences in this silent romantic comedy.



Foreign Correspondent

A full-throttle espionage thriller, starring Joel McCrea as a green Yank reporter sent to Europe to get the scoop on the imminent war.



An innocent man is suspected of being a sex criminal known as the Necktie Murderer in modern-day London and must elude the police while trying to prove his innocence.


I Confess

A priest hears a killer's confession but is bound by his vows to silence, even when the evidence points to himself as the prime suspect.


Jamaica Inn

Based on the Daphne du Maurier novel.  A young woman travels to the disreputable Jamaica Inn on the wild Cornish moors to discover the truth about her father's death, only to become involved with ship wreckers.


Juno and the Paycock

A poor Dublin family is stricken by various sorts of tragedies during the Irish uprisings of the early twenties.


The Lady Vanishes

A British woman vanishes from a train in Switzerland and two of her fellow passengers investigate and find more than they expected.



Compelling character portraits emerge from Hitchcock's talky suspense drama about shipwreck survivors aboard a lifeboat. Despite action being limited to one setting, fans of classic psychological studies will enjoy this.


The Lodger

A man (the Lodger) is caught in the trap of other peoples' suspicions. Because this lodger, who is renting a room in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Bunting, seems mysterious, he is suspected of being the notorious "Avenger", a killer who has been stalking women in London and strangling them.


The Man Who Knew Too Much (1934) & (1956)

An innocent British couple on vacation with their daughter get caught up in a web of international intrigue, kidnapping, and assassination.


The Manxman

Hitchcock’s last silent film is about two friends, a lawyer and a fisherman who fall in love with the same woman. She marries one, but she loves the other.



A rich man marries a compulsive thief and liar in an attempt to find out what causes her anti-social behavior.


Mr. and Mrs. Smith

A bickering couple discovers their marriage isn't legal, and go through the courtship process again. Not your typical Hitchcock film.



A juror in a murder trial, after voting to convict, has second thoughts and begins to investigate on his own before the execution.


North by Northwest

Cary Grant plays Roger Thornhill, an adman mistaken for a Federal intelligence agent caught up in an exciting series of events as only Hitchcock could deliver.



Ingrid Bergman is the innocent daughter of a war criminal who is persuaded to help a U.S. agent (Cary Grant) trap a Nazi mastermind now living in Brazil.


Number 17

A comedy-thriller about an unsuspecting, innocent hobo who accidentally stumbles across the hideout of a gang of jewel thieves.



Norman Bates loves his mother, but she does not approve of his choice in women.  Norman is also a little high strung.  This is the classic Hitchcock thriller.


Rear Window

A bored photographer with a broken leg (Jimmy Stewart) watches his neighbors through the window and suspects that his neighbor has murdered his invalid wife.



A vacationing young lady meets, falls in love with, and marries handsome and wealthy widower Maxim de Winter. He takes his new bride home to his estate, Manderley. But the new Mrs. de Winter finds her married life dominated by the sinister, almost spectral influence of Maxim's late wife, Rebecca, who still rules from beyond the grave.


Rich and Strange

Instead of waiting for their inheritance, Fred and Emily Hill ask for it in advance. Their rich uncle surprisingly obliges. They set out to use the money in the best possible way--by spending it on a trip around the globe.


The Ring

A silent film with musical soundtrack. A carnival fighter tries to make it as a professional boxer to please his girlfriend.



After two friends kill a classmate and host a dinner party with the corpse stuffed into a trunk in the same room, their former teacher begins to suspect that they have taken his theories about murder and carried them out.



Based on Joseph Conrad's Secret Agent, this thriller is about a woman who suspects that her kindly husband may actually be a dangerous foreign agent. Hitchcock creates an atmosphere of claustrophobic fear while depicting a mysterious conspiracy to blow up Londoners in the places they gather.



Wartime thriller about a Los Angeles aircraft factory worker who witnesses his plant's firebombing by a Nazi agent, and is framed for that act himself.


Secret Agent

A British soldier and novelist returns home during World War I to find that a government agency has faked a report of his death. Given a new name, he is sent into Switzerland with a small entourage to kill a German secret agent. Mistrust and tragedy complicate the mission, which proves to have serious political as well as romantic stakes.


Shadow of a Doubt

A beguiling murderer charms his unsuspecting family, but soon his niece and namesake begin to suspect her uncle is hiding a terrible secret.


The Skin Game

Landed gentry defend family that is being evicted by trades people who have worked their way up from the lowest section of society.



The new director of a mental institution is an amnesiac and an imposter. A staff member who loves him helps him to discover the truth.


Stage Fright

A woman disguises herself as a maid in order to clear her friend who's been accused of murdering his mistress's husband. Based on a novel by Selwyn Jepson.


Strangers on a Train

Two men meet on a train and discuss an exchange of murders, and when one man follows through he begins to stalk and pressure the second man to commit murder.



Joan Fontaine is the bride, a gently-reared heiress who fears she has married a murderer. Cary Grant is the husband, a dashing ne'er-do-well with a penchant for the high life--and a bank account that's strictly low-life.


The 39 Steps

A man in London tries to help a counter-espionage agent and soon finds himself in one jam after another.


To Catch a Thief

A retired American jewel thief living on the French Riviera seeks to prove his innocence by exposing the burglar who has been imitating his technique.



An American CIA agent hires a French operative to travel to Cuba and investigate rumors of Russian missiles and Topaz, a NATO spy. The inquiry soon spins into a life-threatening escapade of espionage, betrayal and murder.


Torn Curtain

Famous scientist Michael Armstrong (Paul Newman) goes to an international congress of physics in Copenhagen with his fiancée (Julie Andrews) who mistakenly picks up a message meant for Michael, and discovers that he is defecting to East Berlin.


The Trouble with Harry

Harry's corpse is found in the autumnal New England woods. While no one mourns his death, several people feel responsible for it. The body is unearthed several times, humorous situations occur, and love affairs develop before the real cause of Harry's death is revealed.


Under Capricorn

In Australia in l830, an English immigrant stays with his cousin Henrietta and her cruel husband, setting a triangle to explode and reveal a strange crime.



This tale of obsession, fear and murder stars Jimmy Stewart as a detective afraid of heights who is obsessed with a lost love and her look-alike, Kim Novak.


The Wrong Man

The first Hitchcock film based on a true story. A nightclub musician is falsely accused of a robbery, an accusation that ruins his life.


Young and Innocent

Against her better judgment, the genteel young daughter of the village police chief protects and assists an escaped murder suspect, to whom she finds herself increasingly attracted. Together they race to find the real murderer. They desperately try to stay ahead of the police, but the risk of getting caught lurks everywhere.