Suggest a Title Form

We've made changes to how we process suggest a title requests, please see the FAQs below for the most commonly asked questions. To make a title suggestion, please sign into our catalog at to fill out the form.


Can I request items that have been recently published?

Requests for items published within the past six months, including requests for items that have not yet been published, will not be considered and the request will be denied. Popular titles, best sellers will be purchased, so no need to request those titles.


What happened to Zip Books?

The Zip Books service was a grant funded program through the California State Library, the money has been spent and the service is no longer available.


How will I know if my suggestion was accepted?

You will receive email notifications on the status of your request.


Why does the book have to be available from your vendors, in particular?

Our vendors process all our items for us, so as soon as they arrive at the library they’re already cataloged, covered, stickered, and ready to fill your hold!


Why didn’t you add my suggestion?

We receive hundreds of suggestions each month! While we wish we were able to add every title, we’re not able to do so. The most common reason we don’t add a title to the collection is simply that it is unavailable for us to purchase through our vendors (please note, Amazon is not one of our vendors). This is particularly common for older titles (which may be out of print), or titles from small presses.




Still have questions? Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or ask staff at your favorite library.