Your AV Library!

Here’s a little secret; your San Luis Obispo County Library is more than just books. Are you looking for the latest releases on DVD or compact disc? Want to listen to your favorite band or a good audiobook on your next long drive? Your library has these materials and more! Audiovisual resources reflect most library subject areas, including an outstanding collection of foreign, documentary and educational films; popular, jazz, heavy metal, indie rock, classical and world music; popular television series; and unabridged audiobooks. We also have videogames in multiple formats; from Wii, Xbox 360 and PS3 to Wii U, Xbox One and PS4. All of this is free for you to check out with your library card!


Audio Visual Librarian

Steve Kinsey

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Film Links


A really good resource for films, TV shows, actors, directors, and anything associated with visual entertainment. Includes film clips, full streaming episodes of TV shows, local movie show times, and much more.


A good site for basic info. about films and DVD availability. This site will give you “watch-alikes”. For example: If you like The Third Man, you might also like Ministry of Fear or Foreign Correspondent. Check out their other site,, which is the go-to site for music info.

Rotten Tomatoes

A great source for film and TV series reviews. They collect professional reviews and rate the films. They provide local show times and trailers.


This site is similar to Rotten Tomatoes by giving review scores to films.


Like Rotten Tomatoes and MRQE, but not as comprehensive. They also have reviews for DVDs, Music, TV, and videogames.

Wikipedia Film Portal

If you are looking for terms or general info. about the making and watching of film, this could be a place to check out. It’s certainly a good place to browse if you are curious.


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