Rules of Conduct

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San Luis Obispo County Library Rules of Conduct

  1. Patrons must be engaged in reading, studying, or using library materials. Loitering and/or sleeping is not permitted on library grounds. [Co. Code 7.040.030(7)]
  2. Patrons must wear proper attire. Shoes/footwear, shirts, proper cover-ups. [Co. Code 7.040.030(12)]
  3. Patrons must maintain their hygiene. Patrons whose hygiene is offensive so as to constitute a nuisance to other staff/patrons will not be permitted. [Co. Code 7.040.030(2)]
  4. Patrons may not disseminate, download, view or print from public library computers illegal materials including but not limited to obscene or harmful matter as those terms are used in Penal Code Sections 311, et seq. and 313, et seq. [Co. Code 7.040.030(3)]
  5. Patrons are responsible for the security of their personal belongings. They may not monopolize library space, equipment, or staff time in a manner that interferes with the access of services for other patrons. [Co. Code 7.040.030(11)]
  6. Patrons must provide responsible supervision for any children and/or individuals of any age with special needs. [Co. Code 7.040.030(9)]
  7. Patrons must clean up after themselves. All trash must be placed in proper containers. [Co. Code 7.040.030(2)]
  8. Patrons must turn off cell phones, pagers, and other electronic devices or put them on silent mode while in the library. [Co. Code 7.040.030(2)]
  9. Patrons may not bring any animal into the library other than a service animal. Animals must behave appropriately at all times. Incompatible behavior includes: [Co. Code 7.040.030(8)]
    1. barking
    2. urinating/defecating on floor
    3. running away or otherwise leaving the side of the owner
    4. biting or other threatening actions such as growling, teeth bared, lunging on others besides animal owner
    5. damaging property of Library or others
  10. Patrons may not bring bicycles or other modes of transportation into the library unless it is used in assistance for people with disabilities. [Co. Code 7.040.030(11)]
  11. Patrons may not bring food or uncovered drinks into the library. [Co. Code 7.040.030(4)]
  12. Patrons may not distribute flyers, pamphlets, or other literature to library patrons. [Co. Code 7.040.030(2)(5)]
  13. Patrons may not gamble on library property. [Co. Code 7.040.030(7)]
  14. Patrons may not misuse library furniture, equipment, or materials. [Co. Code 7.040.030(1)f]
  15. Patrons may not use library bathrooms for personal grooming, bathing, or changing of clothing. [Co. Code 7.040.030(2)]
  16. Patrons may not use tobacco products of any kind on library grounds. [Co. Code 7.040.030(1)h]
  17. Patrons may not be under the influence or be in possession of any controlled substance while on library grounds. [Co. Code 7.040.030(1)]
  18. Patrons may not behave in any manner which disturbs other patrons. Use of loud, obscene, profane, threatening, insulting language will not be tolerated. Harassment, interference, and/or violation of another's privacy is also strictly forbidden. [Co. Code 7.040.030(2)]
  19. Patrons may not attempt to steal, deface, or destroy library property. [Co. Code 7.040.030(1)b,c,d]
  20. Patrons may not engage in unlawful conduct that is defined by the ordinances of the San Luis Obispo County, California or Federal Law. [Co. Code 7.040.030(1)]
  21. Patrons may not exhibit or carry firearms, knives, or weapons of any kind on library property, except as authorized by law. [Co. Code 7.040.030(2)]
  22. Patrons may not fight, strike, threaten, or physically interfere with library staff or patrons. [Co. Code 7.040.030(1)a,(2)]
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